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Rebecca stands out from all the rest, her keen eye and creative approach captures more than just a picture, they are truly a work of art. There really is no substitute! Every time we look at our Portraits, we can only smile and think of what a magnificent moment in time we have forever in photographs. Rebecca has a very special gift and she will never cease to amaze me. They are absolutely beautiful!Two of her biggest fans,Annie and Martin

One day my baby will be grown up. But the photo of my daughter (taken by Rebecca) will always bring me back to her newborn self and all of the emotions I feel with being a new mom. It truly captured my baby’s spirit and personality. Of course she’ll always be my baby in my heart but this photo will always bring me back to her babyhood and I am so grateful for that.

A huge thanks goes to Rebecca Mancini Photography for all the amazing photos and work that she has done for my family photo shoot. If you are looking for a great photographer who will be fully dedicated to and enthusiatic about your desires and her work, then she is definitely the person to turn to no matter where you are and what your event may be! She is sure to capture every moment. Thank you again for all you have done for our amazing photographs.

Rebecca has a natural ability to capture the moment and a personality that can work with all types of people and any type of occasion. Thanks for taking such great shots, Rebecca!